Sunday, October 11, 2009

Awards For Outstanding Work

This year at the 122nd Annual Washington Newspaper Publishers Association convention, La Conner Weekly News won several awards. These stories were in categories with several hundred other contestants, from papers all over the state--many double our size.

All of the entries had to be sent in to WNPA before April. We're hoping next year's entrees are just as good.

And the awards are:

Second Place in Best Environmental Story - Anna Ferdinand for the Skagit Cows Can Turn On Lights article. The story was about a new "green" manure digester to create power.

First Place in Best Business Story - Anna Ferdinand for the Scientists And Apiarists Working To Save Bees article. The story focused on the efforts to slow the decline in bee populations.

First Place in Best Crime and Courts Story - Amylynn Richards for the Eagle Watching Horror, an article about the slaying of an eagle in public.

Second Place in Best Photo, Black and White - Amylynn Richards' "Beary Good." (Note: Was published in black and white, but is otherwise on here).

Second Place in Best Scenic or Pictorial Photo, Color - Robin Carneen's "A Quack Up." Division also included Floral, scenery, and abstract graphic appeal.

Third Place in Best Comprehensive Coverage of a Single Issue - Janna Gage for Neighbors: La Conner Landmarks series.

Third Place in Best Breaking News Story - Sandy Stokes for Brunisholz appointed to Town Council. 

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