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Week of April 28

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Flyboys -  These La Conner Middle School students were in the airplane building class and are now in the after-school Advanced Aviation Club to fly their planes in the gym. Displaying their class projects are, from left, Jacek Knudson, Keith Carlton, and David Thomas.
 [Photo by Sammie Bisson]

Soaring in the classroom - Alexander Kramer
Students at La Conner Middle School are busy cutting, gluing, and even flying planes they make in class. Middle school Vince Cicotte, a 13-year veteran of La Conner schools, has been teaching kids to build and fly model airplanes for almost a decade. It started years ago, when Cicotte brought a remote-controlled plane to school to fly during his lunch breaks.

Measles threat worries schools - Sandy Stokes
An outbreak of measles in British Columbia and its spread to Seattle prompted La Conner School District to send a letter home to parents on Monday, urging them to make sure their children's immuinzations are up to date. According to the county Health Department, more than 70 cases of measles were confirmed in British Columbia. At least one Canadian measles victim traveled to Seattle, potentially infecting others. 

Boat Parade Saturday
Saturday, May 1 will offer proof that summer is approaching. Dozens of boats, some of which may be sporting retro yard ornaments, will liven up the Swinomish Yacht Club's annual Opening Day Boat Parade. The parade is themed, "Get Your Flamingo On," which leaves room for lots of imaginative boat decor. It starts at 3 p.m. snd cruises from the La Conner Marina, past the town's waterfront to Shelter Bay.
 Oops! - Soaking wet in pouring rain, the pink baton slipped out of Concrete runner Greg McIntosh's hand, as his relay race teammate DJ Mitchell stands horrified in the background during Friday's track meet. With Concrete knocked out of the race, Dylan Christie of Crescent, center, and La Conner Braves Sten Mejlaender, right, ran neck-and-neck the rest of the race and finished within milliseconds of each other. Nobody was hurt by the flying baton.
[Photo by Amylynn Richards]

The greenest home in town - Alexander Kramer
For years, La Conner residents Gary and Leigh Giovane have been eco-conscious, looking for greener options in their daily lives. Very soon, they will take a greener step. This week the Giovanes will have solar panels and solar water-heaters on their house.
Fireworks Fund
In order to save this year's Fourth of July fireworks show, $4,700 must be raised. So far, about $4,305 has been donated by:
  • Dunlap Towing
  • WAVE Broadband
  • Shelter Bay Community
  • Palmer's Restaurant
  • Nell Thorn
  • La Conner Weekly News
  • Liz Theaker
  • Janis Hatch
  • Thulen Farms
  • Pionner Potatoes
  • Charles and Dana Heald
  • La Conner Country Inn
  • La Conner Pub and Eatery
  • Swinomish Yacht Club
  • Rotary Club of La Conner

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