Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Week of July 28th

See the letters between District 13 and La Conner here.

 Heart defibrillators recalled - Sandy Stokes
The defibrillators used by rescue workers in Skagit County to resuscitate heart attack victims have been recalled. The recall affects about 80 automatic external defibrillators purchased by the Skagit County Emergency Medical Services for every fire department and first responder in the county. In the recall notice, Cardiac Science and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration have said there is a possibility that the defibrillators, which are used to shock an irregularly beating heart into a normal rhythm, could fail during a resuscitation attempt.

Rural Decor - John Christianson, who owns the nursery down the road from this roundabout at Best and McLean roads, made the traffic circle attractive, as well as functional.
[Photo by Sue Phillips]

A hero--in a roundabout way - Sue Phillips
The landscaping at the roundabout at Best and McLean roads is anything but drab. During this year's Tulip Festival, the planting beds at the roundabout were ablaze with the most incredible display of tulips, luring some motorists out of their way just to drive past them. Now, a rust-colored display of vintage farm equipment is the centerpiece of a landscape featuring flowering shrubs and annuals and a young tree that will be magnificent in coming years.

Wedding photo - Thomas Nelson Ovenell married Hattie Elizabeth Callahan in La Conner on June 2, 1890.

106th Pioneer Picnic in Pioneer Park - Dan Royal
The Skagit County Pioneer Association will gather for the 106th time next week for its annual picnic and meeting to be held at Pioneer Park. The picnic, scheduled for Thursday, Aug. 5, at Pioneer Oark will feature live music, a car show, historic photos of Skagit County and the families who are being honored this year, according to association president Sue Kelder of Mount Vernon. Everyone is invited to attend, and there is n charge, but anyone who would like to join the Pioneer Association can register and pay $2 for an annual membership and receive a colorful badge, ribbon and information.

 Braves Cheerleaders - The La Conner High School Cheer Squad for the coming school year won lots of awards at the NCA CheerLeadership Camp held in Ellensburg last week. In their camp photo, next year's cheerleaders standing in the back row, from left, are Kaylee Dykes, Maggie Benetti, Hailey York, Jillian Bruce, Ashley Norton. In the center row, from left, are Hilary Edwards, Gracie Garcia, Kristin Dorr, Amanda Handstad, Carly Crawford, Aiyana Guzman and Dianne Quintasket. Back-to-back in front are Katherine Jensen, left, and Isabel Sible.

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