Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Week of August 25

We'd like to hear from our readers about the issue of the fire district disputes. Should there be a Fire Authority? Discuss it on our board--anonymously or first name. etc.--you can enter here.

Back to school time
This week the schools have been gearing up, while parents and kids get back into the fall routine. Classes for all La Conner students in first through 12th grade start at 8:15 a.m. on Wednesday, Sept. 1; kindergartners will start classes on Tuesday, Sept. 7. Wednesday, Sept. 1 is a short school day; students have a minimum day, and school will be out at 11:45 a.m. for all students. The regular dismissal time is 2:35 p.m. each day.

Critter Haven - At John LeSourd's Pleasant Ridge home, a backyard pond and nesting boxes for water fowl provide a safe, comfortable home for wildlife including ducks and turtles. Many area residents are turning their yards, large and small, into backyard habitats.
[Photo by Sue Phillips]

Wildlife right at home in local yards - Sue Phillips
The birds and bees, as well as the other wildlife of the Skagit Valley, are very lucky to live here. John LeSourd of Pleasant Ridge built a pond in his backyard for birds and ducks. "I did it for pleasure and for the wildlife in the area," he said. LeSourd is among a growing number of La Conner area residents striving to make their backyards into homes for wildlife. With the loss of habitat due to increased development, the need for a safe haven for our wildlife is becoming more important every day.

Summer Sun - A summer morning illuminates this century-old barn off Beaver Marsh near La Conner. The historic barn is being restored.
[Photo by Fred Owens]

Cool summer tough on heat-loving crops - Fred Owens
Heavy rain in May caused an estimated 20 percent loss in the area's biggest cash crop--potatoes. And a cool start to summer slowed down other crops, including corn and pickling cucumbers, according to Don McMoran, Washington State University Extension agent. On the potato front, "It's going to hurt a little bit," said John Thulen of Pioneer Potatoes. Skagit Valley spuds were valued at $60 million in 2008, the latest year with available statistics.

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