Friday, October 8, 2010

Braves win Homecoming Game

21-9 Braves!
The La Conner Braves beat the Seattle Lutheran Saints 21-9 in what fans were calling the best game of the season so far.
Seattle scored a field goal for 3 points in the first quarter -- but the Braves soon followed with a touchdown and an extra point bringing the score 7-3.
In the third quarter, Seattle scored a touchdown, but the Braves denied them the extra points. The score was a maddening 7 Braves, 9 Seattle into the fourth quarter.
High wind kept blowing passes and kicks off course, frustrating fans and players on both teams.
Fourth quarter brought a big change in the game when the Braves' Conner Anderson got hold of the ball and ran it to the 1 yard line. Garret Wilbur ran it into goal in the next play, then Brandon Drye ran it for the two extra points. Braves were up 15-9.
The Braves topped it off with another touchdown, but the wind stole the extra points by blowing a pass off course, and the score remained 21-9

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