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In the October 20 2010 issue

 Curious about Alex?
Our intern Alexander Kramer is alive and well in college at Western Washington University. He is maintaining a steady string of college-related blog posts. You can find the list of them here, on his blog Seattle Blurbs.

Lock your vehicles
That's the advice of La Conner's town Sheriff deputies. Several people have lost their wallets, valuable tools and other items in recent car burglaries in town. In each case, there has been no sign of forced entry, making officers suspect an opportunistic thief is targeting vehicles that might be unlocked or very easy to break into.

This handsome young biker is Jacob Cladoosby, he rode his cycle home from the dentist's office the other day. His granddad, Mike Cladoosby accompanied him. -- Photo by Amylynn Richards

Anna back in Haiti
Journalist Anna Ferdinand, whose reporting and writing has won awards for La Conner Weekly News, is in Haiti again with a London film crew working on a British TV documentary about elections in the earthquake-ravaged island nation. Read her powerful, compelling first-hand account of conditions there 10 months after the deadly quake in today's newspaper.

 PUMPKINS EVERYWHERE -- Been to Gordon's Farm yet? Feature writer Sue Phillips takes us on a tour of the McLean Road farm where 60 different varieties of pumpkins, treats and cider served by the La Conner High School culinary arts class and a corn maze have become the local "pumpkin paradise." A stop at Gordon's has become an October tradition for generations of Skagit County families. -- Photo by Sue Phillips
And inside ...
Guess what makes Americans giggle when visiting Norway? A word seen everywhere means something completely different than when someone like, say, Bart Simpson says it! Mickey Bambrick's "Nuggets from Norway" column will make you smile.

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Braves Raves 
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