Wednesday, November 24, 2010

In the November 24, 2010 issue

Photo by Edward Baker
Moves like this are the reason La Conner Braves Boys Soccer Team is Third in the State. This shows DJ Carr heading the ball with team mate Sten Mejlaender at the ready during Saturday's state championships. Writer M. Sharon Baker has the details in today's newspaper.

 Photo by Edward Baker
M. Sharon Baker has the story on The Great Turkey Escape -- Yes, the La Conner town turkeys will be home for the holiday. The Town Council has banished the birds from town, but after watching 15 of their kin captured, the 8 remaining turkeys know a trap when they see it -- even a trap they'd never seen before. They flew out of the town's newfangled dropping net contraption before the net could hit the ground. 

Photo by Kirsten Morse
Speaking of town birds, this little guy is on our cover this morning. La Conner photographer Kristen Morse was out in Monday's storm documenting the first snowfall of the year. See more of her work in today's paper. And see lots of it clicking here. 

Monday evening when the temperatures were in the teens a fellow who was checking his boat slipped off a dock and into the water at Shelter Bay Marina. Witnesses say it was so cold, there was ice floating on the water!
Fire District 13 firefighters pulled the man to safety, warmed him up and everyone is fine. But the firefighters still shiver just thinking about it!   

From the Police Blotter:
9:06 a.m.: Lost boat – Duck hunters anchored their boat and went ashore on an island near La Conner. While they were ashore, their boat drifted away, dragging its anchor with it and stranding the hunters. The Sheriffs boat responded to reunite the hunters with their wayward vessel. 

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