Wednesday, November 3, 2010

In the November 3, 2010 issue

Tax deadbeats could cost taxpayers
By Sandy Stokes
At last week’s La Conner Town Council meeting, Finance Director Lorraine Taylor said state regulators suggested that the town raise the levy for the fire hall bond since it hasn’t been able to collect enough tax money to make the full payment for the past several years.
The reason, she said, “not everyone pays,” their property tax bills.
What it means, is that the tax burden for the bond shortfall, which only amounts to a few thousand per year, would be shifted to the 350-or so property owners who do pay their taxes every year...  Get the whole story in today's paper.

Photo by Kirsten Morse
Who's this pretty little pixie? That's Nora McCormick, and her grandpa, John Christianson. He brought her to town for Thursday's Halloween parade and merchant trick-or-treat. 

 Photo by Anna Ferdinand
 An earthquake destroyed her home, now thieves have stolen her livelihood. This is Benita Jean Francois, who lives in a tent in a park in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. She was starting to rebuild her life selling coffee, hot chocolate and soup. They stole everything she owned.
Read Anna Ferdinand's final story on her return trip to post-apocalyptic Haiti, which is about to have elections, but  most of  the electorate is too busy trying to survive to even bother to vote.

"Operation Sandbox"
A La Conner preschool called in the U.S. Navy when the kids needed a new playground equipment -- Amylynn Richards was on the scene when three sailors showed up and handled the situation.  It's in today's paper
  Oh, and the water bill's going up again
(Count on us to let you know every time)

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