Wednesday, December 15, 2010

In the December 15, 2010 issue

Last minute gift guide
   Mall-weary shoppers can find excellent gifts in La Conner without busting the budget. We went hunting for cool presents that cost $25 or less and found lots of them in the local stores. 
   Walk down First Street and find stuff like colorful sterling silver rings set with Swarovski crystals for $20 at EarthenWorks Gallery. 
   Or for a stocking stuffer, how about the $9 grow-your-own boxer shorts from  Skagit Valley Styles -- just put a little packet in water and watch it turn into underwear before your eyes.
   Today's paper doesn't mention the rings or boxers, but it lists lots other wallet-friendly gift ideas.

Photo by Amylynn Richards
Yes, there is a Turkey story in the paper this week. But this gang is not in it. The fowl fugitives of La Conner were photographed strutting in the middle of First Street on Monday, apparently unaware that the town is preparing to deploy yet another turkey capturing system. (For those who missed it last month, here is a link to journalist Amelia Templeton's La Conner Turkey story on National Public Radio.)
Meanwhile, writer Janna Gage tells about the other Turkey -- The Republic of Turkey, where she and three other La Conner residents recently spent 25 days. The information in Janna's story is fascinating and at times surprising. It's a must read today's paper.
In Notes from Pull-and-be-Damned, the irreverent Jim Smith offers his "Xmas Xplanation & the Continuing Alaskan Adventures of Sarah."  
In Nuggets from Norway, local writer Mickey Bambrick, who lives in Norway part of the year, makes readers in both countries giggle over our cultural differences. This week we learn that Christmas decorations in Norway often resemble Valentines.

Richard at the gas station has written some new movie reviews -- not the long-winded kind, either. He cuts right to the chase and lets you know whether a DVD is worth renting.
The gas station is one of the places to pick up a paper. We're also at the drug store, liquor store, produce market, book store and in news stands all over town. 

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