Thursday, January 13, 2011

In the January 12, 2011 issue

Flaming Wieners disrupt game
Amylynn Richards has the story on the hot dogs that interrupted Friday's boys basketball game. After the smoke cleared, the Braves won 73-34.
Photo by Amylynn Richards
Retirement Inn paid off tax bill
La Conner Retirement Inn, perpetually behind on its property taxes for years, has paid every penny owed in back taxes and penalties.
In November, the back taxes, interest and penalties on the senior housing complex totaled more than $260,000.  More than $125,000 of that amount comes back to La Conner for the schools, town and library.

Middle School does Plautus
See some of La Conner's most talented actors and actresses perform classic comedy Thursday and Friday as they put their own spin on 2,000 year-old plays by Ancient Roman playwright Tutus Maccius Plautus. Curtain time is 7:30 p.m. both days at the La Conner School Auditorium and admission is free.
  Photo by Scott MaDade
COMIC ACTORS – La Conner Middle School Students in their roles from a play written 2000 years ago. Here Mitch Grant, left, plays the servant Tranio, Jaedon Wiese portrays Philolaches and Zach Harris fills the role of the slave trader Ballio. 

From the Police Blotter:
12:17: Civil – A La Conner grandmother asked if deputies could be present while she tells her husband she wants a divorce.
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