Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Weekly La Conner High School sports capsule, April 27, 2011

Braves Raves
By Amylynn Richards
The golf team will host Cedar Park Christian on Thursday, April 28  at Similk Bay golf club starting at 3:30 p.m. 
Baseball has two at home games this week. The first against Seattle Prep on Thursday, April  28 at 4 p.m. and the second on Friday, April 29  against Coupeville at 4 p.m. 
Fastpitch will host University Prep on Friday, April 29 at 4 p.m.
The Braves played Friday Harbor on Thursday, April 21, and beat the Vikings 4-2 in nine innings. Coach Jeremiah LeSourd reports that the Vikings scored their two runs at the bottom of the first inning, and the game became a “pitching duel until the top of the seventh inning, when the Braves scored twice to send the game into extra innings.”  
At the top of the ninth inning, senior Kyle McKnight hit a single to left field. “When the defense stalled in getting the ball into the infield, Kyle slid into second base safely,” LeSourd said; the Braves clinched the game when senior DJ Carr followed with a single; senior Garrett Wilbur brought McKnight home and gave the Braves the lead.
Tyler Howlett brought Carr home, winning the game for the Braves.
“Defensively, the Braves were solid, and pitchers Garrett Wilbur and Tyler Howlett combined to pitch eight shutout innings,” LeSourd said, noting that the Braves were able to get themselves out of three different “bases loaded jams” during the course of the game.
Leading hitters: Kyle McKnight, 3 for 5; Tyler Howlett, 3 for 5 with a double, and hit the RBI that brought McKnight home to win the game for the Braves.
The Lady Braves also took the ferry to Friday Harbor; this time the Vikings beat the Braves 9-5 in the Braves’ first league loss of the year.  The score had been 1-1 going into the fourth inning – which became what Coach Peg Seeling said that the one “bad inning where they scored 8 of their 9 runs.”
The Braves had 5 runs from 9 hits, with 3 errors; the Vikings had 9 runs from 20 hits, with 1 error.
Team highlights: Siomi Bobb was one for 2, with 2 RBI; Taysha James was 2 for 4, with 1RBI; Galena Graham was 2 for 3, with a double; and Kelley McClung was 2 for 4.
The girls are now 6-1 in league.
La Conner hosted an invitational track meet on Friday, April 22 for a 5-school match that included Friday Harbor; Crescent; Concrete; and Clallam Bay. The La Conner girls won 10 first-place events, 6 second place events and 1 third-place event. The boys won 9 first-place events, 3 second-place events, and six third place events.
Emily Anderson earned first place in the triple jump, leaping 30’07.00; first in the high jump, with a height of 4’10.00; second in the 100 m.  33” hurdles in 17.81 seconds; Kelsie Crawford won first palce in the long jump, jumping 13’06.00; second in the 100 meters, in 13.53 seconds;  Katie McKnight won first in 600 g. javelin, throwing 107’02.00” and setting her new best by 7’2”; Priscilla Ponce-Venagas won first place in the 30” 300 meter hurdles in 50.87 seconds and second place in the 600 javelin, throwing 90’06.00.
Sammie Mesman won first in the 1600 meters race in 6:06.46, setting her new personal best by 0:08.23a.
Lydia Lenning won first in the 3200 meter race, in 13.51.99 seconds; second in the 1600 meter race in 6:28:55, setting her new personal best by 0.18 seconds.
Kirstyn Bell won second in the 400 meter race, in 1:14.50
Chrissy Barsness won third in the 100 meters race, in 14.15 seconds, beating her personal best by 0.75 seconds.
The girls performed well in the relay races, taking first in the 4x100 and 4x200, and second in the 4x400. The first place 4x100 winners are Kelsie Crawford; Katie McKnight; Emily Anderson; and Priscilla Ponce-Venegas. The 4x200 relay team of Kelsie Crawford, Katie McKnight; Madi Cavanaugh and Priscilla Ponce-Venegas won first place in 1:54.12. In the 4x400 relay team of Madi Cavanaugh, Sammie Mesman, Lydia Lenning and Kirstyn Bell won second place in 4:51.37.
Sten Mejlaender won first in the 39” 110 m. hurdles in 15.94; first in the 36” 300 meter hurdles, in 41.91.
Conner Anderson won first place in the 200 meter race in 24.09 second, setting a new personal best by 0.14; and third place in the 100 meter race, in 11.78, also setting his new personal best in this race by .01c.
Todd Hoagland won third place in the 400 meters, in 55.38.
Brandon Drye won first place in the 1.6kg. discus, throwing 115;09.50;  and also won third in the 12 lb. shot put, throwing 37’05.00 feet, setting his new personal best.
Landy James won the 800 g. javelin, throwing 161.08.00, setting a new personal best by 18’10”; and first place in the high jump, jumping 6”02.00 and setting his new personal best by 2”.
Jamall James won second in the long jump, jumping 18’06.00 feet; third in the high jump, jumping 6’02.00 and beating his own personal best by six inches; third in the triple jump, jumping 38’03.30; and third in the 39” 110 meter hurdles in 16.54, a new personal best by 0.54 seconds.
Nathan Sybrandy won first in the 1600 meter race, in 5:01.98; third in the 800 meter race, in 2:21.78.
Sam Traylor won first place in the 3200 meter race, in 11:25.31; second in the 1600 meter race, in 5:02.25 seconds.
The 4x400 relay team of Nathan Sybrandy, Conner Anderson, Sten Mejlaender and Todd Hoagland won first place with a time of 3:46.94.
The 4x100 relay team of Jack Borusinski, Todd Hoagland, Sten Mejlaender, and Conner Anderson won second place in 47.16.

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