Wednesday, August 17, 2011

In the August 17, 2011 issue ....

La Conner Classic Yacht & Car Show

Photo by Don Coyote
Photo by Marilyn LaBrache Brown
Writer Marci Plank lets everyone know the winners in today's paper.
... And historic war planes
Photo by Ben Davidson
Writer Anna Ferdinand has the story about World War II who flew planes just like this restored B-17 bomber back in the 1940s. The historic aircraft flew into Skagit Regional Airport and took a 90-year-old Army Air Corps vet into the sky again.
Town won't trap your raccoon
Now that the turkeys are gone, several La Conner residents have asked the town to start trapping raccoons and coyotes that have been preying on small pets and poultry. But the Town Council has taken town employees out of the wildlife trapping business. Instead, council members said, residents should keep their small pets inside at night and keep their livestock in secure enclosures and quit leaving cat food out for the feral cats. Raccoons don't mind crashing a kitty dinner or browsing through garbage pans left where they can get to them.

From the police blotter:
10:44 a.m.: Public Health – Someone took advantage of a dumpster owned by a business on Maple Ave. in La Conner and filled it up with their personal garbage instead of making a trip to the dump. This is considered theft of services and the illegal dumper can be charged with a crime.

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