Wednesday, September 21, 2011

In the Sept. 21, 2011 issue

Photo by Don Coyote
La Conner artist Eve McCauley with her painting Radical Raven at the Pioneer Park music and arts festival on Saturday. 

Photo by Don Coyote
This pair became fast friends at the music and arts festival.

Upper Skagit Tribe halts zone change
The Upper Skagit Indian Tribe has withdrawn its request to have commercial land it owns in La Conner’s south end neighborhood rezoned for industry.  The tribe’s withdrawal guts a potential campaign issue and eliminates a source of a festering division on the Town Council. 
“The tribe determined this was a more controversial issue than we had anticipated,” Harold Chesnin, the tribe’s attorney, said on Tuesday. Read all about it in today's paper.

Eww! What’s that smell?
La Conner residents often complain of the “eau de poo” odor that sometimes emanates from the area around the town’s wastewater treatment plant.
The smell is the town’s money-making composting operation – Odors are released when the piles of ageing compost are disturbed. This week the town sent out a notice warning residents that they can expect the odors to get stronger for a few days while the compost facility is reconfigured in a way the town hopes will help solve the problem.  Today's paper has more details on the town's odor control measures.

Low-cost artist housing
   Writer Nicole Jennings has the story about nonprofit Artspace looking at La Conner as a possible site for an affordable housing development to give artists a place to live and work.  
    La Conner has been a haven for artists since the 1930s and is still home to a large community of accomplished and recognized painters, sculptors, writers and artists working in every medium imaginable. 

Galloping Gourmet's green thumb
The newspaper's "Plant Lady," Sue Phillips has written an insightful profile of Graham Kerr. The TV chef lives in south Mount Vernon and has added a new dimension to his culinary art by becoming a vegetable gardener.
Photo by Sue Phillips

From the Police Blotter:
10:14 a.m.: Disorderly – There was a report of men running in the street near 900 block Maple Avenue. Deputies didn’t find anyone running around in the street.

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