Wednesday, November 2, 2011

In the November 2, 2011 issue...

Occupy La Conner and zombies dominated the news this week.

About 30 residents gathered in Gilkey Square on Saturday to show solidarity with the "99 Percenters" who have been camping out in parks all over the country as the "Occupy Wall Street" movement gains momentum.
The demonstrators, carrying signs, then marched through downtown La Conner. Reporter Adrian Sharpe has the story in today's paper.
Photo by Annabelle Vergne

Photo by Adrian Sharpe

Photo by Don Coyote

And don't forget the zombies...
 Photo by Don Coyote
Sure, they look real friendly here...
Photo by Don Coyote
Oh no! Clearly it's not safe to associate with zombies!
Photo by Anna Ferdinand
Aha! Writer Anna Ferdinand gets to the bottom of the local zombie invasion in today's paper. Author Isaac Marion, whose best selling zombie novel Warm Bodies is being made into a motion picture, was back in La Conner on Thursday for a reading at Sips. Read the story for an exclusive glimpse into this new literary star who is a former La Conner resident.

Complete Streets for Healthy Communities
By Linda Talman
Something is afoot in La Conner. 
Last week a team of people from La Conner and Swinomish met to learn about putting more and more people on their feet – or bikes – through training about a movement that is sweeping towns in this country and has long been the standard in Europe. Read the story in today's paper to find out what people are doing to make La Conner's streets friendlier for walkers, and bicyclists... and zombies.

Photo by Don Coyote

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