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The winter solstice occurs at 9:30 p.m. local time.

 Photo by Kirsten Morse
This is the view of Gilkey Square from the Swinomish side of the channel.

 Photo by Joy Neal
Many Christmas wishes granted
With more people struggling this year, the generosity of the La Conner community is the top story. The Kiwanis Club, students in La Conner schools and merchants’ donation jars helped bring Christmas to 34 local families this year. Here is the Bank of America’s giving tree and bank employee Monica Wickstrom with many gifts received during the toy drive. Local residents also helped the more than 80 families served by the La Conner Sunrise Food Bank. A concert featuring all local talent sponsored by the town and  La Conner Institute of Performing Arts raised $1,170 for the food bank in donations from people who came to enjoy Christmas music. Our caring and generous community is one of the season's greatest blessings.

Photo by John Doyle, courtesy of Kathie Hubbard
 Councilman Don Wright's last Town Council meeting
Wright spent more than three decades serving on the town council. For the first time since he was first appointed to the council in 1980, Wright was defeated in an election when Dan O’Donnell challenged him in November. Writer Adrian Sharpe has the story on today's paper -- and she pulled it off without interviewing Don, who is not real big on tooting his own horn. Fortunately, there are plenty of others who know him well and are willing to go on record, including his Council colleagues and the Mayor shown above toasting him with sparkling cider at his final meeting.

Pets at risk of predators
By Adrian Sharpe
As the chill in the air gets frostier, the local wildlife may become scarier.
In recent months coyotes have been blamed for a handful of pet deaths in the La Conner area. By leaving garbage out and allowing pets free reign of outdoor areas, humans are inadvertently inviting predators to dinner.
“There are coyotes running all over,” said Rich Petteys whose cat was recently attacked. Details in today's paper.

From the Police Blotter:
10:41 a.m.: Dog attack – A woman on Reservation Rd, toward Anacortes, let her Chihuahua out and a few minutes later heard barking and a commotion. She went outside and found her dog cornered by a large, brindle colored, long-hair pit bull-mixed dog. She picked up her little dog and the big attacked her, causing a possible broken arm and severe lacerations on both arms. When her husband came out and pulled the dog off her, the animal attacked him, as well. The bad dog ran off and authorities have been unable to locate the animal. The woman was treated in a hospital emergency room for her injuries. This is a bad one, please call 911 if you spot this outlaw dog.

On a brighter note, our award winning columnists have plenty of good things to read in today's paper. Jim Smith and Mickey Bambrick will get you giggling and Mel Damski will get you thinking. Bob Skeele has some unusual Christmas prose. And Joy Neal  has some great book suggestions; keep the library in mind when you unwrap that new e-reader on Christmas morning.

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We wish you a wonderful holiday season followed by a prosperous and healthy 2012.


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