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Photo by Kristen Morse
A swan takes an early morning flight over frosty fields on the La Conner flats. (And we get to live here!)
Stolen remains found
  Last summer a Fir Island woman, fighting tears that kept threatening to spill, came in and put an ad in the newspaper offering a reward for items stolen from her home, including “beloved ones ashes in a burl wood box.”  None of the other items were recovered, but the woman's husband's remains turned up in a very strange place. Story is in today's paper.
 Photo by Amylynn Richards
NEWS ANCHORS – Sam Traylor, Bill the tree, Nikki Finley and Wylie Thulen at the premiere of the new hit series, La Conner High School Daily Bulletin.
School bulletin now a hit show
By Amylynn Richards
 Live from La Conner: News students can use. 
Well, it’s not really live. And to be perfectly accurate, not everyone on the broadcast team is really alive, either.
One of the newscasters, “Bill” is actually a paper palm tree. Bill the tree joined anchors Sam Traylor, Nikki Finley, Wylie Thulen in the debut webcast of the La Conner High School Daily Bulletin and comedy show last week. In today's paper!

It's getting pretty festive around here...
Photo by Don Coyote
 Photo by Marlo Frank
Photo by Marlo Frank
Photo by Marlo Frank

Christmas donation spots
Toys: La Conner High School students will collect toys in the $5 range for kids 12 and under at the home basketball games on Friday. A box for new, unwrapped toys will be at the high school gym starting with the JV game at 4:30 p.m. Student Wylie Thulen said the toys will be distributed through the local food banks.
Food: The Kiwanis have boxes set up in stores all over town go collect non perishable food items for the food banks. Also, there is a box in the high school office for the students’ food drive.
Family Christmas: If you can sponsor Christmas for a local family having a hard time this year, take a tag from the Giving Tree at Bank of America and go shopping.  The Kiwanis will help you make some children very happy.

From the Police Blotter:
10:49 a.m.: Removal – Someone reported that two men and one woman entered the public restroom on Morris Street in La Conner. Deputies contacted the trio a few minutes later walking on First Street. The three people were very intoxicated and said they had gone into the restroom to warm up before they walked home.

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