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Ballots in mail for school levy vote

La Conner School district is asking voters to approve replacement property tax levies to continue to support educational programs for children. The district’s property tax support expires in 2013 and voters will decide whether it can be extended through 2017. Ballots were mailed this week to the district 3,346 registered voters and votes will be tallied on Feb. 14.
The operating levy pays for instruction in foreign language, advanced math, music, drama and other courses that basic educational funding from the state does not cover. And the technology levy gives students have access to the latest developments in computers and other technology and provides a laptop computer for every student at the high school to use at school and home for the entire school year. 
School officials say they expect the amount the taxpayers pay for the schools to stay the same when the new levies take effect in 2014. Details in today's paper.

New state  boater fee would help local program
A proposal to enact a $1 surcharge on commercial and pleasure boat owners to fund the Washington Center for Marine Innovation at Skagit Valley College’s marine tech center in Anacortes.  
If the bill is passed, it would establish a marine innovation program through collaborative efforts of Bellingham Technical College, Skagit Valley College and Western Washington University and other public and private partners to promote new developments in design, manufacturing, and alternative fuel for watercraft and other aspects of the marine industry.
The bill would add a $1 surcharge on the current state vessel registration fee.
Presently, about a dozen La Conner High School students are bused to Anacortes each morning for marine technology instruction through the Northwest Career and Technical Academy.
The campus in Anacortes is owned by a consortium of kindergarten through 12th grade school districts, including La Conner. The building also houses Skagit Valley College’s marine tech program, as well as the Northwest Center for Excellence in Marine Technology and Manufacturing, which is a program the college oversees. Full story in today's paper.

Photo by Kirsten Morse
This is what La Conner kids did all last week while the schools were shut down and Washington Street was closed to motorists because of the heavy snowstorms.

Photo by Mickey Bambrick
The old school house on Valentine Road.

Photo by Kirsten Morse

Photo by Don Coyote
And finally, it was gone.

From the Police Blotter:
7:30 a.m.: Dunked dunk – A woman was arrested for driving under the influence after she drove her pickup truck into the water at the Conway boat launch. With the truck in the water, there was difficulty opening the doors. People nearby helped the woman out of the truck, and deputies, then escorted her to jail.

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