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in the Feb. 8, 2012 issue

Big news for boaters & marine industry!
The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers is scheduled to dredge the Swinomish Channel in July, following years of lobbying by the town of La Conner, Port of Skagit, Upper Skagit Tribe and others whose livelihoods depend on the channel being navigable. Writer Adrian Sharpe has the details in today's paper -- pick up a copy at the usual spots in town.  

Photos by Kirsten Morse

Historic Moore-Clark site in foreclosure
Property at the heart of a development plan that divided the La Conner’s residents between its supporters and detractors for more than 15 years is in foreclosure.
A notice of trustee’s sale in today’s paper states that the three acres belonging to La Conner Associates, the old Moore-Clark property on the south end of First Street, is scheduled to be sold at auction on the Skagit County Courthouse steps on March 9. Details in today's paper. 

Affordable housing coming soon 
  Home Trust of Skagit and Skagit Habitat for Humanity have teamed up as partners in developing housing in La Conner’s Channel Cove community, formerly known as Southfield. Construction is set to begin in April on a duplex in Channel Coe. 
  The agreement between Habitat and Home Trust provides for the two agencies to build five housing units together over the next two years. Get it all in today's paper.

The Police Blotter is particularly interesting this week. Here's a sample of the stuff that goes on around here:
 9:26 a.m.: Picky thief – A UPS package was taken from the porch of a residence on Whatcom Street in La Conner. Apparently the goods found inside the package were not up to par, as the contents were later found discarded in a local dumpster. A suspect was detained but no arrest made because the witness could not give a positive identification.
We have some real snoozers, too:
10:04 a.m.: Sleeper – Morris Street employees reported a gentleman taking a siesta out front of their La Conner business. Deputies politely issued the intoxicated man a trespass warning and drove him to his house where he could slumber in comfort.
11:42 a.m.: Sleeper # 2 – The public restroom on Morris Street in La Conner became the comfy resting spot for another intoxicated sleeper, who someone thought was possibly deceased. But the person did rouse to refuse treatment by EMT’s that came to the scene. The grouchy dreamer was given a lift home.

Get the paper and get all the local news. Call 466-3315 to start receiving it at your home or office, or try feeding 3 quarters into one of our red news stands in town. If that doesn't work, stop by and see us in the office conveniently located next to the Station House.

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