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Kiwanis suggest tin turkeys for town
   Wild turkey’s are no longer an official La Conner attraction, but monuments to the once numerous garden nemeses could soon turn up in the town. Writer Adrian Sharpe has the story on how the Kiwanis Club wants to donate at least one metal turkey sculpture to the town. 
   There is actually a small flock of the life-size tin turkeys created by 85-year-old La Conner resident Don Mulanax, a local artist and owner of Morris Street Antiques. While his sculptures have drawn mixed reviews from art aficionados, it is likely the turkey sculptures would receive a warmer welcome than the real ones that were run out of town after tearing up gardens and decorating porches.

Photo by Don Coyote
  Mother Nature was throwing a weather tantrum this week with rain, sleet, hail and snow driven by gale force winds. But the daffodils in fields off McLean Road will get to market on time, with this intrepid crew picking them.
 Photo by Don Coyote
Here's a smile beneath all that foul weather gear.

Photo by Don Coyote

Photo by Don Coyote
OOPS!  A logging truck took a spill in the roundabout at McLean and Best roads on Monday.  No one was hurt. Sheriff’s investigators haven’t determined what caused the truck’s trailer to tip over.
Photo by Don Coyote

When the Space Needle was new
A half century ago, Shelter Bay resident Gail Taylor was an event hostess for Century 21 Exposition, also known as the 1962 Seattle World’s Fair. Writer Sue Phillips has the story on the 50th Anniversary of the event that forged so many memories and friendships all those years ago.
For Taylor, “The experience changed my life,” she says. 

Moore Clark foreclosure postponed
The foreclosure auction scheduled for the La Conner Associates property, known as Moore-Clark, scheduled for last Friday was delayed until March 23.
The trustee’s sale notice indicated that it would take more than $8.5 million to stop Whidbey Island bank from foreclosing on the 3-acre parcel, which includes the historic 70-foot tall 1898 warehouse that dominates the south end La Conner’s waterfront. Details in today's paper.

And finally, it seems the old "spring forward" routine with the clocks on Sunday hit the locals pretty hard. 
From the Police Blotter: 
 9:57 a.m.: Porch snoozer – A homeowner on Morris Street, in La Conner, found an intoxicated person sleeping on the front porch of their house.
 12:54 a.m.: Catching ZZZ’s – An intoxicated person was found sleeping on the ground in front Pioneer Market, in La Conner.
11:58 p.m.: Noisy Sleeper – A welfare check was performed on a person on Maple Avenue in La Conner. A neighbor had reported that the person in question was laying in their back yard snoring very loudly.

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