Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Week of May 19th

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Skateboard Park - This sign went up on Sunday, with volunteer labor from skateboarders and people who want to help them have a place to skate. Some of the workers, shown here from left, were Kelly Gilkey, Bradley Kramer, Nick McCormick, Myca Gilkey, Ashley Norton, Alexander Kramer, Travis Smith, and Simon Van Pelt. 
[Photo by Bill Stokes]

Skaters tag their turf - Bill Stokes
Yeah, Buddy! Taking time out from "ollies," "kick flips" and "tail drags," about a dozen young people--La Conner's skateboarders and their supporters--convened at the end of N. 6th Street on Sunday to mark the location of the future Community Skateboard Park. The town Public Works Department marked off the site with white lines on the ground, so the young skaters could get a feel for the actual size and shape of the park being planned.
 There is an album of artwork from the day's worth of painting.

Skater Design - Here are some of the artists who created the new skateboard park sign on Sunday. The sign is decorated with broken skateboards that have been painted by their former owners and reflect the creativity of the individual artists. Shown here from left are Alexander Kramer, the lead graphic artist on the project, with Kane Stokes, Nick McCormick, Bradley Kramer and Travis Smith.
[Photo by Bill Stokes]

Community Skateboard Park Fund
Really soon we'll get the official numbers for donations to the fund, and keep a running tally until we raise the full amount. For information about the park and ways to support the campaign, you can check out the Facebook page, or call Town Hall @ (360) 466-3125.

Yacht builder leaving town - Sandy Stokes
The Pacific Mariner yacht building company, along with the 38 jobs it provides, will leave La Conner this summer. Last week Westport Shipyard, Inc., the large yacht builder that owns Pacific Mariner, revealed plans to move the La Conner operations to Grey's Harbor County.

Skagit River Poetry Festival is this weekend! 
Events and workshops with renowned artists from all over (some local) will be happening May 20 through May 22 all over town.

A simple life; a profound legacy - Anna Ferdinand
Robert Sund, the iconic poet of his era, comes alive in a new documentary to be shown during the Skagit River Poetry Festival this week. The film is an ode to the poetry of a man whose attentiveness to the world was translated through his calligraphy pen. 

Tribe and State turn island to park - Janna Gage and Sandy Stokes
The state Parks and Recreation Commission and the Swinomish  Indian Tribal Community have approved a plan that would turn a small island near La Conner into a park under state and tribal ownership. Kiket Island in Similk Bay, which lies entirely within the boundaries of the Swinomish Reservation, will become a state park for day use by kayakers and canoeists. 

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