Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Week of May 26th

In this week's issue:

Memorial Day at Pleasant Ridge - Janna Gage
This Memorial Day you won't have to row south down Swinomish Channel, through the Hole-in-the-Wall, around McGlinn Island and up Sullivan Slough, tie your boat to a fir tree stump and then climb a steep bluff and through blackberry vines and devil's claw to reach Pleasant Ridge Cemetery. That is, however, exactly the path used by pallbearers carrying the first pioneers to their final resting place in the cemetery in Pleasant Ridge in 1876.

Playful Poet - Writer and entertainer Sherman Alexie, whose Native American ancestry is Spokane Coeur d'Alene, compares his profile to the La Conner Braves team mascot during his Skagit River Poetry Festival performance, "Sherman Alexie Unplugged."
[Photo by Anna Ferdinand] 

Word-weavers work their magic - Anna Ferdinand
Story tellers are like magicians--spinning tails out of thin air, transporting the listener to wild places, into moments, and landscape, places within our own minds and ultimately pulling the rabbit out of the hat to a place of truth within ourselves. This year's Skagit Valley Poetry Festival was rife with storytellers, crafters of words, yarn spinners, poetic musicians and musical poets. 

Community Skateboard Park Fund
We're still working on getting the official numbers for donations to the fund, and will keep a running tally until we raise the full amount. For information about the park and ways to support the campaign, you can check out the Facebook page, or call Town Hall @ (360) 466-3125.

 Gunshot - This X-Ray of an eagle that died on the way to a wildlife rehabilitation center earlier this month clearly shows the cause of death. The little white dots in the neck and head are shotgun pellets.
[Photo courtesy of Wolf Hollow Wildlife Rehabilitation Center]

Bounty on eagle killer - Amylynn Richards
Whoever shot the eagle found fatally wounded near Pleasant Ridge has a $2,500 bounty on their head. The Humane Society of the United States and The Humane Society Wildlife Land Trust offer the reward for information leading to the identification, arrest and conviction of anyone responsible for the illegal shooting of an adult bald eagle near La Conner. 

Robot Demo - As La Conner School District Superintendent Tim Bruce loks on, La Conner Elementary students Roxy Orkney, Braden Southard, and Skyler Morse demonstrate their Lego Mindstorm abilities during Monday's school board meeting. The children have been meeting after school all year in Beth Clothier's robotics club.
[Photo by Kirsten Morse]

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