Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Week of June 9th

What can be found in this week's paper:

Boys & Girls Club closing for summer - Alexander Kramer
The grade books will be closing soon with the approach of summer, and so will the local Boys & Girls Club due to a lack of funding. "The La Conner Boys and Girls Club has a budget of $100,000 for the year, which allows us to stay open for four days a week, but only during school," said Kim Grams, the La Conner branch's executive director.

Congratulations, La Conner 2010 Seniors!
This week is the Graduation issue, and on the back are all the senior photos, as well as the local businesses that send their support.

The festrering fire fiasco - Sandy Stokes
Fire District 13 and the Town of La Conner have been sending letters back and forth, and it seems they've both dug in their heels. The town, which oversees La Conner Volunteer Fire Department and Fire District 13, are co-owners of the La Conner fire station near the roundabout on Chilberg Road, just east of town. In the most recent letter volley, the Town Council reject Fire District 13's request to amend their operating agreement concerning the fire station, and then the Firs District 13 commission gave six months notice it was cancelling the agreement. 
 Facing Forward - La Conner High School seniors-to-be Isabel Sible and Katherine Jensen had fun with face paint during the Spring Thing on Friday.
[Photo by Amylynn Richards]

Solar power crash course
Wondering whether putting solar panels on your home's roof is a good idea? The town of La Conner is sponsoring a public workshop for homeowners and businesses at  Maple Hall at 5:30 p.m. on Thursday, June 17. Town Administrator John Doyle has arranged an informational evening with experts in the field of photovoltaic electricity generation on hand. There will be information on financial incentives for homeowners.  

Community Skateboard Park Fund
As of June 10, the La Conner Skatepark Fund has collected $2,320.50 from various donors, and help from the La Conner Seniors.
For information about the park and ways to support the campaign, you can check out the Facebook page, or call Town Hall @ (360) 466-3125.

Slack Tide - The La Conner waterfront and its canopy of clouds is reflected in mirror-like water during the still before the tide change.
[Photo by Don Coyote]

Creativity stuffed into 'Hole in the Wall' - Alexander Kramer
Hole int he Wall is more than the place where Swinomish Channel opens into Skagit Bay. It is also the name of a creative collection of writings by La Conner High School students. The fifth edition of "Hole in the Wall," the anthology, has just been released. 
Hole in the Wall is available for $5 through the high school office, 466-3173.  

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