Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Week of June 16th

Town Council gets a pay raise - Sandy Stokes
 The Town of La Conner will pay its elected council members $150 oer month and should let them pay for their own health insurance benefits, according to an order by the town's Salary Commission. A five-member commisison was appointed by Mayor Ramon Hayes in February to establish compensation for La Conner Town Council members. The commission's order takes effect this month and is not subject to council approval. Council pay is set at $150 per month, the commission decided, and the mayor's salary is $500.

Grads - Members of La Conner High School's Class of 2010 stepped into their futures through cedar arches at their graduation ceremony last Thursday. Among them were Kristen Cook, left, and Skyler Hardy.
[Photo by Amylynn Richards]
Community Skateboard Park Fund
As of June 18, the La Conner Skatepark Fund has collected a total $5,863.72! The most recent donation was from the La Conner Booster Club.
For information about the park and ways to support the campaign, you can check out the Facebook page, or call Town Hall @ (360) 466-3125.

Solar power crash course
Wondering whether putting solar panels on your home's roof is a good idea? The town of La Conner is sponsoring a public workshop for homeowners and businesses at  Maple Hall at 5:30 p.m. on Thursday, June 17. Town Administrator John Doyle has arranged an informational evening with experts in the field of photovoltaic electricity generation on hand. There will be information on financial incentives for homeowners.  

Golf carts could be street legal in town - Alexander Kramer
The Town Council may decide to make it legal for residents to putt around La Conner in golf carts. A state law that took effect last week allows municipalities to designate golf cart zones on street with speed limits 25 miles per hour or under. The law, Senate Bill 6207, allows towns to set their own rules regarding golf cart use. Last Tuesday the Town Council directed Code Enforcement Officer Bill Stokes to do the necessary research for a possible ordinance allowing golf carts in La Conner.

Historic find: L. A. Conner's memoir - Janna Gage
La Conner Quilt and Textile Museum received a box from a descendent of Louisa A. Conner. Inside was a small quilt made by Louisa, and the quilt was offered as a loan for display at the museum. The box also contained some photographs, a christening gown, and nine-page memoir. Apparently transcribed from Louisa Conner's own words, the memoir spans the period from her birth to her arrival in the little settlement that would become the town name for her. This is the first in a series that explores the contents of the recently discovered personal memoir of Louisa A. Conner, who died in 1932. 
Louisa A. Siegfried Conner's story begins on April 6, 1843, when she was born to James C. Siegfried and Mary C. Willet, on her father's farm near Hanover, Pennsylvania. Louisa Siegfried was four when her family, which grew to include her sister Mary Catherine and brother Francis, moved to Libertytown, Marlyand. The children's mother died in 1853 when Louisa was 10...

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