Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Week of June 23

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Sun power shines in La Conner - Alexander Kramer
La Conner is seeking investors to finance the town's proposed solar project at the wastewater treatment plant. To let people know, Town Administrator John Doyle arranged a public workshop with industry professionals. Mike Nelson, the representative for Silicon Energy, the state's only manufacturer of solar panels, talked about the benefits of using solar energy and explained the state and federal incentives for people to invest in them.

Bubbly Outlook - Merissa George took a break from bubble blowing to take a peek through one of her soapy creations.
[Photo by Amylynn Richards]

Council to consider marketing position - Sandy Stokes
The La Conner Town Council will consider hiring a "Facilities Event Coordinator" to attract more bookings for Maple Hall, the Garden Club and Pioneer Park. Councilwoman Cindy Tracey and Councilman Stuart Welch, who make up the council's facilities committee, want their coleagues to approve a proposal to spend up to $7,500 for a person to book events during the remainder of the year.

Sky Eyes - A bald eagle watches the world from a lofty porch.
[Photo by Don Coyote]

Community Skateboard Park Fund
As of June 23, the La Conner Skatepark Fund has collected a total $5,863.72! The most recent donation was from the La Conner Booster Club last week.
For information about the park and ways to support the campaign, you can check out the Facebook page, or call Town Hall @ (360) 466-3125.
Tonight at 6 pm there is a Skate Park Meeting at Maple Hall. Plans for Fourth of July will be discussed.

Hop into Summer - The school year ended on a high note for Andre Knudson, Ketelina O'Brien and Shannen John, who participated in a sack race during the La COnner Elementary School play day last week.
[Photo by Amylynn Richards]

From L.A. Conner's Memoir - Janna Gage
In Louisa A. Conner's recently discovered personal memoir, we learn how the woman La Conner was named for arrived here. The story continues...Swept out of Missouri by the Civil War, John and Louisa arrive in St. Joseph, Missouri, ready to venture west with 30 other families. 
"At noon on Saturday, Aoril 15, 1865, we joined the other campers. The two-wheeled cart behind our wagon contained our bedding, camp chairs and a table that folded down from the side. We corralled the cattle at night or let them graze, with always some one of us on watch..."

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