Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Week of June 30th

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Booze burglars are back - Sandy Stokes
It happened again. Someone broke into the Station House Bar & Grill on Morris Street and stole eight bottles of hard liquor during the pre-dawn hours of Friday, June 23. Chef Grace Courthwaite was the first person in to work that day, and noticed glass all over the floor in the bar area from a window at the back of the building that had been busted out.

Summer Saved - Skagit County Sheriff's Deputy Mart Steiner delivered new bicycles to Logan and Luke Lowry on Monday. The children's bikes were stolen and destroyed by bigger kids on the day school let out for the summer.
[Photo by Alexander Kramer]

Deputy puts wheels back on summer - Alexander Kramer
On the last day of school, the summer celebration turned to grief for two La Conner Elementary students, who stood by helplessly while two older kids stole their bicycles right in front of them. Logan Lowry, 8, and her brother Luke, 7, were playing at school on June 16, when two 12-year-old boys came up and took their bikes.

Community Skateboard Park Fund
As of June 30, the La Conner Skatepark Fund is at $3,824.24 (after a few expenses for the upcoming party). The most recent donation was from the La Conner Booster Club. (Earlier numbers near $5,800 were an error from miscommunication).
For information about the park and ways to support the campaign, you can check out the Facebook page, or call Town Hall @ (360) 466-3125.
This Sunday, from 6-10 pm is a Fourth of July Party on the deck at the south end of First Street. This is a fundraiser for the Skate Park; food, music, beer, wine, and firework-viewing seating will be available (bring your own chairs).

Wholesale Berries - Nate Youngquist of Youngquist Farms brought colorful flats of fresh-picked raspberries and strawberries to the first farmers market for bulk buyers held at the Skagit Valley Food Co-op parking lot last week.
[Photo by Fred Owens]

A farmers market for wholesale buyers - Fred Owens
Skagit farmers have started meeting bulk buyers under a bridge in Mount Vernon. The Puget Sound Food Network with the Skagit Valley Food Co-op, opened a weekly wholesale farmers market last Thursday in the portion of the co-op parking lot beneath the Riverside Drive viaduct. The market is designed for restaurants, grocery stores and institutional buyers. The location underneath the Riverside Drive overpass means farmers don't have to set up a canopy to keep the sun and rain off their produce. Plus, it's very close to the Kincaid Street exit on Interstate 5.

Reporter's notebook--
Surprise encounter with Louisa's kin  - Janna Gage
Shortly after last week's paper with the story about Louisa A. Conner's recently discovered memoir rolled off the press, the great-great-granddaughter of the town's namesake just happened to show up in town. Cindy Abrams, who lives in Colorado Springs, Colorado, picked up a copy of La Conner Weekly News at La Conner Fruit & Produce Market. On the front page was the story I had written about Louisa A. Conner's account of her adventures in Colorado from a memoir that the Conner family in Colorado knew nothing about. "I've visited the hotels John and Louisa Conner started in Colorado. They are still there. But this memoir blew me away!" exclaimed Abrams.
The third installment of Louisa A. Conner's memoir is also in this week's paper, on page 4.

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