Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Week of July 7th

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 Star-Spangled Fireworks - The 4th of July celebration at Snee-Oosh Beach Sunday night as captured by the photographer who teaches this kind of digital art at La Conner High School.
[Photo by Ryan Hiller]

Fireworks delay baffles spectators - Marci Plank
The $4,700 fireworks show paid for with money donated by local businesses and individuals was so late Sunday some people who came to watch left before the first rocket went off. We were told that the show scheduled to start over the channel at 10 p.m. was dleayed by nearly 45 minutes because the licensed pyrotechnician dropped out at the last minute and the fireworks contractor had to send in a replacement.

 Local talent - This is La Conner's marching band, the Kazookeys. The renowned kazoo musicians took time out of their world tour to perform in Sunday's 4th of July parade.
[Photo by Kirsten Morse]

FEMA flood maps are back - Sandy Stokes
The latest incarnation of the federal maps that are used to determine residents' flood insurance rates were made public Tuesday. In December the Department of Homeland Security's Federal Emergency Management Agency released its initial set of flood maps for Skagit County, but withdrew them after public officials from La Conner and other municipalities pointed out major errors. In La Conner's case, some elements of the revised and corrected maps still defy the laws of physics. If adopted, the new maps could mean people will get soaked whether or not there is a flood.

Community Skateboard Park Fund
As of July 7, the La Conner Skatepark Fund is at $4,764.74. The most recent donation was from the 4th of July Fundraiser at over $1,200--and that's just admission--other sales of food and beverages haven't been tallied yet.
For information about the park and ways to support the campaign, you can check out the Facebook page, or call Town Hall @ (360) 466-3125.

From Louisa's Memoir - Janna Gage
This is the fourth and final story in the series on Louisa A. Conner's recently re-discovered memoir, which tells us how the woman La Conner was named for arrived here. Her story continues...Life on the northwest frontier was challenging to Louisa Conner who was accustomed to much activity and social life, running businesses and keeping a wide circle of friends. Life was a little easier when her sister and her family joined them in La Conner.
Louisa's sister, Mary Catherine, husband Arch, and baby Minnie arrived here in 1871 and built and opened a boarding house next to the Conner's store. What Louisa really wanted was a church. She was determined to build a community on the rocks and high ground of the Swinomish Channel...  

Turkey resort - From La Conner outcasts to pampered VIPs, last year's relocation to Sequim turned out to be a good move for these former members of the town's wild turkey flock. Caryl Turner of Precious Life Animal Sanctuary is shown here with the happy residents of the new turkey aviary.
[Photo courtesy of Precious Life Animal Sanctuary]

Exiled turkeys in fancy new digs - Alexander Kramer
Since being run out of town last summer, the 11 La Conner turkeys sent off to Sequim are living in luxury. Last year the town's turkey flock had ballooned to 18 birds. The resident fowl were getting a rotten reputation for damaged chimneys, ruined gardens and other foul deeds. After a few Town Council members publicly expressed an anti-turkey bias--and even suggested annihilation of the flock--outraged citizens rallied to the birds' defense. 

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