Wednesday, November 10, 2010

In the November 10, 2010 issue

Whiskey from an old chicken coop
     A couple of Samish Island retirees have fired up a still in an old chicken coop, but this is no bootleg operation. Sue Phillips explains how Jim Caudill and Bob Stilnovich are producing premium whiskey and brandy using local grains and fruits in their boutique distillery. In this week's newspaper!
Photo by Sue Phillips

Fugitive turkeys still at large
     No matter how tasty the bait, those fowl little critters just won't get into the trap! Officially ordered to relocate by the La Conner Town Council, eight town turkeys are still strutting around like there's no Thanksgiving!

Photo by Jim Smith
Library news
      The La Conner School District and La Conner Regional Library merger has been put on the slow track for a few years -- In today's paper Amylynn Richards explains that their respective governing boards have targeted 2015 as the time to revisit the idea to move the library on to school property.
     Meanwhile, the local Pull & Be Damned columnist thinks a library like the one shown above would look nice in La Conner. Jim Smith was on the East Coast recently and came back with this photo of the Boston Public Library reading room.

Chevy Commercial
     Dozens of people, a fleet or rental trucks and lots of camera equipment invaded town on Monday to film a Chevrolet Commercial that is supposed to air later this month. The old gas station on Morris Street and the tavern on South First were the focal points. Traffic was snarled and actors wearing 1950s style clothing were walking around on the streets.

Speaking of commercials: My Life is a Postcard
     If that link doesn't work (it's prone to being taken down), go to MyLifeIsAPostcard, a page on Facebook. You'll see a La Conner original from La Conner's original Dan Jensen. He has the whole town grinning today!

From the Police Blotter:
9:33 a.m.: Grafitti -- Someone painted the McDonalds arches and the words "eat me" on Conway Elementary School. Read it all in this week's paper.

 New byline
     M. Sharon Baker joined our crew of local writers this week with her story on the the La Conner High School Boys Soccer team. Sharon has 20 years experience in news reporting and has worked as a free-lance journalist for six years. She and her husband live in La Conner and her children attend La Conner schools. Her son Tyler is a member of the high school soccer team. La Conner Weekly News is proudly made in La Conner.

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